Bartholomew Wingfield VI was the head of the Wingfield family before Vivian Wingfield.

He refused to name his children after past Wingfields, due to his own experiences living with the name Bartholomew.

He was very hateful towards people who he perceived as weak or sickly, likely because he resented his wife for dying and leaving him to raise their daughters.

He was one of the least popular leaders of his family. One reason is that he was disliked by older Wingfields due to his rejection of several beloved traditions, while being disliked by younger Wingfields for his overly conservative views. Another reason is that he had a very harsh and generally unpleasant personality.

When he became ill, Vivian turned his code against him and declared that he was too weak to lead the Wingfields. She was supported by the rest of the family and easily took over. Bartholomew seemed to lose the will to live as a result and succumbed to his illness.

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