Derek Hunter is a main character. He is dating Tyler Facheux and is close friends with Nancy Wingfield.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Derek's parents were rival bounty hunters who ended up in the same area and often competed. At one point they were after the same person and ended up talking. They became closer and slept together casually. Derek was conceived accidentally, but they almost immediately decided to keep him. His parents began a more serious relationship as the idea of a family became more appealing. Their last names were too long to be combined into one, and neither wanted Derek to have only their partner's last name. As a result, they gave him the name "Hunter."

Derek doesn't like to admit to himself that he does not remember many details of his life before his parents' death. He remembers travelling a lot and being very attached to his parents. He went with them everywhere, even when they were on the job. Many of the criminals they brought down were werewolves.

One day, Derek wandered away from his parents' encampment and encountered a man who claimed to be friends with Derek's parents and was lost on the way to meet with them. Derek told the man where his parents were. On the next full moon, the stranger returned with the rest of his werewolf pack and killed Derek's parents. His face was heavily scarred. Deep down, Derek does not feel that he was turned into a werewolf on the same night that his parents were killed.

Derek was severely traumatized and fled. He eventually reached a Muggle city, where he was found by a police officer. Derek could not properly communicate with the officer, but mentioned that his parents were gone. The officer knew of Nelly's orphanage and decided to bring him there.

Antonella Waterson took Derek in without asking him much of anything. At one point, strange people in robes claimed that Derek belonged with them. Nelly did not trust them and adamantly refused to give Derek up.

Derek was very quiet and withdrawn during his first several years at the orphanage. Over time, he warmed up to Nelly and hardly ever left her side. He still avoided discussing anything that had to do with his life before the orphanage. He soon became notably older than the other children, as Nelly could not find a suitable foster for him and he stayed much longer than any of the others. Derek was at first very distressed by this, but he eventually became like a big brother to the younger children. He still longed to be adopted and missed having parents.

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