Katrina was just getting off the Hogwarts Express and stepping onto Platform 9 3/4. She seemed to be about thirteen or fourteen. It was raining steadily.

She ran through deep puddles as she tried to chase a couple of snickering students who had stolen her bag. They threw it into a water-filled gutter and ran off.

She sniffled as she picked it up and looked around. She wasn't entirely sure where she was.

The collector was suddenly behind her. "Hello, Katrina. I have something for you."

Katrina jumped and turned around. "Um...okay. Hello. Who are you?"

"I'm a collector. I'm a bit like the man you know as your father, but not quite." She held out a newspaper.

Katrina took the newspaper reluctantly, not wanting to anger the intimidating figure. She began looking through the pages, and when she glanced up the collector was gone.

Ocnus soon approached, his face worried. "Why weren't you waiting?"

"Um..." She decided to change the subject. "Somebody gave me a Muggle paper. It was really weird."

"Hm?" Ocnus took it, his eyes soon drawn to a circled section. It was a missing child notice for Zachary Clearwater. Ocnus immediately tensed. He tightened his grip on the paper and it crumpled a bit.

"Dad...?" Katrina was nervous, but seemed fairly used to this. "What is it?"

Ocnus held his head and mumbled quietly. "Twins of past and future, born to another world. Together, they have the power to change the present."

He seemed consumed by his thoughts and emotions. Katrina quickly supported him so that he didn't fall. He was shaking and sweaty. "It''s too late. It's broken."

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