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Early Life Edit

A woman who was studying giants was somehow impregnated by one. She died giving birth to Maddox, who was rejected by the giant colony for his relatively small size. While Maddox's father occasionally fed him, Maddox was mostly forced to fend for himself and was treated cruelly by most of the giants.

When Security for Magical Children found out about his existence, he was brought down from the mountains via train. He was then in limbo for a while as it was decided what to do with him. SMC believed it would be impossible to find a foster parent until Moira Magda, a Ministry official, began looking for a troubled child to adopt. Upon meeting him and seeing his feral nature, Moira became reluctant about accepting the responsibility. However, Clara Nott and the knowledge that Maddox may never find a home otherwise pushed Moira to accept him.

Moira hired a fairly renowned tutor to help Maddox catch up with his peers. He often played with Mathilda Nott, who became his first friend. He bonded with both Moira and Clara.

Due to his mother participating in a movement to get rid of Dementors, Maddox was targeted by pro-Dementor groups. A Dementor attacked him while he was with his tutor and Maddox was hospitalized.

When Maddox was ten, there was a Dementor attack at a charity dinner for the Marsha Magda Foundation. He stayed with Clara while Moira was in the hospital.

Physical Appearance Edit

Maddox has a put-together appearance and usually wears high quality clothing. He tries to keep up with fashion trends. His hair is golden-brown and always neat.

As a half-giant, he is tall and bulky, and is still growing rapidly. He is gentle and sometimes overly-cautious with his strength.

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  • Music: Maddox is a very skilled flutist for his age.
  • Language: Maddox is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He has been studying Giant.
  • Politics: He is very interested in politics and has learned a lot from his mother.
  • Fashion: He enjoys being fashionable and often tries to explain fashion to Mathilda, despite her not being interested in trends.

Possessions Edit

  • Favorite blanket
  • Flute
  • Nice shirt (tailored by Clara)
  • Gilded notebook

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Maddox lineage