Nancy Wingfield is a main character and member of the Wingfield family. She is dating Taden Gaunt.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nancy was born prematurely on January 30th to Vivian Wingfield and Conrad Wingfield. She was named after Vivian's late sister. She was initially very weak and sickly, a fact which Vivian Wingfield took great pains to hide from their extended family. When she was around one year old, her health took a very sudden turn for the better.

It was revealed soon after that Nancy had incredibly strong magic, like her brother. Her parents became proud and encouraged the use of this magic. She had almost no control and frequently destroyed things, usually by burning them. This, combined with the rivalry forced upon them by their parents, caused Ethan to hate his sister. Because Ethan had become spoiled as a result of his parents frequently lavishing praise on him, they were much more strict with Nancy and made her work for every approval.

Nancy did not get any better at controlling magic as she got older. Her parents did not want to restrict her abilities and refused to address the problem. Nancy constantly hurt herself and others, resulting in her having no friends. At their parents encouragement, Ethan often attacked her. Their cousins picked on her as well due to her small size. She began fighting back and became increasingly violent. Her father saw this as courage and was very proud. He taught her combat skills from a young age.

Her problems worsened when she began attending a school in Sweden for young magical children. Due to her magical problems, all of the other kids avoided her. She struggled with schoolwork, especially learning English. Her parents refused to sign her up for any extra tutoring because they believed it would take away time from her Quidditch training. She soon fell far behind the other children in her grade, which led to severely lowered confidence. She continued to try to make friends, but everyone was either scared of her or teased her for her lack of intelligence and magical skill.

During recess, the other girls in her class would pick flowers and weave them into each other's hair. Nancy attempted to join them, but accidentally burned up all of the flowers. The children laughed at her and Nancy's frustration boiled over. She viciously attacked them and had to be stopped by a teacher, who reprimanded her harshly. Her temper became worse and worse until nearly everyone her age was terrified to look at her the wrong way. She became more alone than ever.

She became entirely focused on Quidditch, though she did often try to learn to control her magic (to little success). She specialized in being a Beater, mostly because her brother was one and she felt like she had to compete with him in everything. Her parents were very affectionate when Nancy succeeded in Quidditch, but overly harsh when she failed. She always tried to follow her parents orders as much as possible, and absorbed all of her family's traditions.

She was going to attend Durmstrang. However, her parents decided to place their children in Hogwarts instead when Ethan was expelled from Durmstrang for disobedience. In preparation, Nancy's parents began speaking exclusively English around her to force her to learn so that she could communicate with her fellow students.

Hogwarts Years Edit

First Year Edit

While looking for a compartment on the Hogwarts Express, Nancy nearly got into a fight with Kayne Lloyd, who then met his future wife Lauren Grady while trying to avoid Nancy's ire.

Nancy was a hatstall who was nearly Sorted into Gryffindor. However, she begged the Hat not to force her to share a House with her brother. This showed a hidden cowardice and earned her a place in Slytherin.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nancy is very small and very muscular. Her hair is dyed bright red.

Personality and Traits Edit

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Lineage Edit

Lineage- nancy wingfield

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