"Seraphina" is a legendary sphinx who is very rarely seen by mortals. Her true, holy name is not known to any mortal. It is believed that she knows all. She lives far up in the mountains next to a crystal pool, and is able to watch over Empiria with her infinite vision and hearing.

Legend states that she was a valued assistant to the gods who decided to send her from the heavens to bring ambrosia to the a chosen group of mortals, who were then able to create the kingdom of Empiria. While the ambrosia allowed the mortals to flourish, some became greedy and began to hoard the ambrosia, turning them into demonic creatures. They were banished to Axelon, and Seraphina decided that ambrosia would only be distributed to a chosen few. The purest of heart were selected to form the Holy Order of Knowledge Keepers, who became the only people with a direct line of communication of Seraphina (though certain others have been permitted to visit her).

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