Ocnus was standing in a hidden corner of Knockturn Alley. He seemed like he was waiting for someone.

A young woman soon approached. She had brown hair and hazel eyes, along with a smattering of faint freckles. Other than that, she was rather plain. She looked fairly frightened and very cautious as she navigated the dark street, but she seemed to know her way.

Ocnus watched her for a few moments before speaking. "I'm the one you're looking for, Sylvia."

Sylvia looked to him. "'re Ocnus?"

"That's right. What do you want me to do for you?"

Sylvia shifted. She had clearly thought about this a lot, but was hesitant. "You see...a man Cael Spurlock has some of my things. I want to get them back. Some are valuable; I would share if you helped me."

Ocnus nodded, as if he already knew. "Spurlock is just a common crook, trying to make a few sickles on the black market. Most wouldn't need my help."


Ocnus looked to her and shook his head. "I know what you are."

Sylvia frowned and held her arms. "Are you going to help me get my items back or not?"

"He possesses them, so they're his items. Stealing from a thief is still stealing."

"...I didn't think you would care," said Sylvia.

"I don't. But you should." Ocnus paused and looked at Sylvia closely, as if remembering something. "You should stop this now. Before you lose everything you have."

Sylvia looked away. "... you must know that I have nothing."

"That isn't true. You have many valuable things: your name, your heart, your body, your soul..." Ocnus looked into her eyes. He saw very quickly flashes of some sort of vision, but the memory was too murky for it to be deciphered. "All will be consumed by your hunger if you continue to feed it. And you will never be satisified."

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