The Shadow Sword Chronicles is a series within Legends of Empiria. It is the most recent and takes place at some point after The Children of Divinity Saga.

Plot Edit

The story begins with the appearance of a portal within Empiria, which leads to Axelon. It is later revealed that the person who opened the portal (it has not been revealed who it was) did so in order to retrieve the titular sword, which is said to bring ultimate power to the wielder. Several demons and other malicious creatures escape from Axelon and attempt to take over Empiria.

The queen of Axelon tasks Malakar with kidnapping Princess Ilona. However, they end up falling in love, much to the chagrin of Ilona's parents (the rulers of Empiria) and Lord Cyril, who had hoped to marry her. The Dark Queen offers Malakar power and riches if he uses Ilona to damage the royal family. Malakar betrays the Dark Queen and saves the day, earning the admiration of Ilona's parents.

At some point, a curse is cast on Empiria. It is ostensibly defeated, however they are some implications that the king is still under the curse's influence, leaving a cliffhanger for the next book.

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