Theodore Lloyd is the son of Jackie Halifax and Isaac Lloyd.

 Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Theodore was born to Jackie Halifax and Isaac Lloyd. Jackie went into labor during Lauren Grady's championship Quidditch match, and he was born almost immediately following his aunt's victory.

He was often taken on hikes through the Forbidden Forest by his parents. He quickly developed a love for the outdoors. He also enjoyed playing with his cousins, as well as the children of his parents' friends.

One night, he followed his mother into the woods without her knowledge and encountered Augustus Halifax. Later that night, Theo witnessed his grandfather's death, which allowed him to see thestrals. He was often anxious around them and began to suffer from vivid nightmares that could not be mitigated by any potions.

His father began teaching him how to build from a young age, and Theo was soon fascinated by the craft. Instead of attending school, he stayed with his parents as they worked.

One day, Alice Clearwater decided to bring her children over to his home. Theo quickly forged a strong friendship with Maggie and Westley Clearwater-Hanson.

Hogwarts Years Edit

First Year Edit

Theo was sorted into Gryffindor. He was very excited to be at Hogwarts, though he had a difficult time adjusting to a classroom setting. He frequently wrote letters to Maggie and Westley throughout the year.

He became a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. The captain disliked Theo, but respected him slightly after he easily completed his hazing, which involved leaving him alone in the middle of the forest.

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