Winona Grady is the daughter of Lauren Grady and Kayne Lloyd.

Biography Edit

Winona was born to Lauren Grady and Kayne Lloyd shortly before her twin brother, Aedan Grady II.

Physical Appearance Edit

Personality/Traits Edit

Winona is very caring and a bit motherly at times. She cares deeply about following rules. She is protective of her friends and family despite not being particularly adept at fighting.

She also wants to be an overachiever and often takes on an unnecessary amount of tasks. She is very studious despite hating it, since she feels that Kayne and others do not think she is intelligent.

Abilities/Skills Edit

  • Music: Winona has a love of singing and is good at it for her age. She is currently a member of the Frog Choir.
  • Magical aptitude: Winona is fairly advanced in magic for her age due to Kayne teaching her and her siblings most basic spells.
  • Quidditch: Winona has never liked flying very much, but she knows a decent amount about Quidditch from her mother.

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