Zoe Wingfield III is the adopted daughter of Andrew Creighton and Ethan Wingfield. V Cute.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Zoe was born to Leo and Ros Wingfield. She was named after her late paternal grandmother. She was presented at Midsommer and her birth was celebrated by the Wingfield family.

Her parents were very loving, but at times struggled to provide for her financially. Leo was very depressed over his lack of ability to work and Ros struggled with working at Durmstrang.

Ros worked long hours to provide for the family, so Zoe spent most of her time with her father. He enjoyed watching clouds with her and teaching her about weather. Zoe often saw other Wingfields and enjoyed playing with her cousins.

Second Wizarding War Edit

In the Second Wizarding War, both of her parents were determined to participate. They fought on the front lines and were both killed in a battle to liberate people captured by the Death Eaters.

Zoe struggled to accept their death. Andrew Creighton heard that she had been orphaned and almost immediately decided to adopt her. They took Zoe back to her former home to collect her things before bringing her to their home.

Zoe became very attached to her new parents, particularly Andrew. She often refused to let him out of her sight and panicked whenever they were separated. This was made worse when a Death Eater invaded their home and injured Andrew.

Vivian Wingfield refused to give up her legal guardianship of Zoe unless Ethan accepted a position of the next head of the Wingfield family. At one point, she and her husband took Zoe away from Andrew and Ethan and brought her to their home in Sweden. Zoe was completely miserable with them and worried about what might happen to Andrew. Eventually, Antonella Waterson contacted Vivian and Conrad and convinced them to return Zoe.

Andrew and Ethan moved to the United States with Zoe to escape the war. They started to become concerned with her magical ability. While she had proven that she could fly a broom, she had not performed any other magic.

In America, Zoe began participating in Quidditch training for children. She met and eventually befriended Nathan Wilson.

When Ethan and Andrew participated in the final battle of the war, Zoe and the other children were watched by Isaac Lloyd. Zoe panicked as she thought about her new parents dying and caused a burst of magic, breaking several windows.

Return to Europe Edit

After the Second Wizarding War, Zoe moved to England with her family, along with Nathan and his mother.

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